Customer Testimonials

HWB knows his stuff! There’s yet to be an MTB issue he can’t fix.

HWB Cycling Review From Paul M.

Paul M.

I have bought my last 2 mountain bikes from Heath as well as had him do all of my services. His prices are fair and most importantly I always know the job will be done right!

HWB Cycling Review From Andy H.

Andy H.

Heath (owner) has a lot of knowledge and a great little shop, best shop around!

HWB Cycling Review From Andy W.

Andy W.

I've purchased several bikes from HWB. Extremely knowledgeable on set up and components. It's also my go-to place for service and upgrades.

HWB Cycling Review From Dan M.

Dan M.

Heath is the two-wheel whisperer. He’ll bring your old bike back to life or use his experience to get you into the right ride to fit your needs. You won’t be disappointed with HWB!

HWB Cycling Review From Paul


Heath has great knowledge for setting up a bike to fit you and your style of riding . Also has some great deals on gear to have you ready to ride some trails.

HWB Cycling Review From Susie C.

Susie C.

I always know my bike will be fixed right at a reasonable price. Also great place to get a new bike!

HWB Cycling Review From Andy H.

Andy H.

Heath is the bike MASTER… it doesn’t matter if its a $100 Hardtail or a $10,000 carbon racer, he will make sure it performs flawlessly. You won’t find a more experienced mechanic, rider, or trailbuilder. You can be sure your ride is in great hands.

HWB Cycling Review From Austin


I have bought several bikes from HWB. He does a great job of helping you pick the right bike for your riding style, customizing your fit, and working with you to make the right adjustments until it's perfect for you. I use him as a wrench for all of my bikes from cross-country, enduro, and gravel.

HWB Cycling Review From Steve H.

Steve H.

When it comes to high quality bikes Heath knows his stuff. I have purchased multiple bikes from HWB and continue keeping them in great shape through his skillful service. I highly recommend Heath at HWB Cycling if your looking for a new bike or tuning up an existing one!

HWB Cycling Review From Trey C.

Trey C.

Heath is incredibly knowledgeable about mountain bikes and their maintenance. He really has helped me find the bike that is just right for me many times over the years, to suit my different needs and interests. Heath is a dialed rider and has built lots of the rippin trails around the county, too. The shop dog, Timber is super cute, to boot! Want to make it extra fun? Ask him about any of the following: Riding your bike while it's mounted to the car roof, the Euro Enduro box truck, getting kicked out of the hotel at Single Speed Worlds, winning the OG 4 man 24 hr team at SnowShoe, or bb guns. I hear his wife it a real ripper, too ;) Hot tip - ask about the AOA discount!

HWB Cycling Review From Rae G.

Rae G.

Great service . Always takes the time to explain things to customers and more importantly they listen to their customers.

HWB Cycling Review From Old Guys Place

Old Guys Place

Best shop around. Heath is very knowledgeable and great to deal with.

HWB Cycling Review From Chris B.

Chris B.

Professional service. Top shelf products. The BEST bicycle shop in Ohio!

HWB Cycling Review From Terence C.

Terence C.

If you are serious about biking and expert service, this is the best guy in Ohio! We highly reccomend this store!

HWB Cycling Review From Scott W.

Scott W.

Heath is very knowledgeable and has gone out of his way to help both me personally as well as the local biking community.

HWB Cycling Review From Will


Great little shop Owner is a great mechanic and skilled and experienced rider. He can assist customers from a practical understanding of the products he sells and the needs of riders.

HWB Cycling Review From Jeff H.

Jeff H.