Santa Cruz Heckler

Santa Cruz Heckler

  • Battery: 720wh
  • Travel: 150mm
  • Wheel Size: 27.5", 29"
  • Weight From: 22.13kg / 48.79lbs

The latest generation of the Heckler has a larger interchangeable battery (720wh up from 504wh), which allows riders to expand their own trail map - accessing previously unreachable trails, unlocking less-used trails and cramming more into less time.

The new Heckler has both mixed or dual 29-inch wheel size options. Wheel size isn't the only option for riders. There's a full size range of both from medium to XXL, with the small size frame having dual 27.5 wheels. Two levels of carbon (Santa Cruz's own C and CC blends) open up the range of options for build kits.

In Stock Models

  • Medium & Large